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View W Carter 2nd Corporal 554029 Royal Engineers
View G F Goodyear Able Seaman Mercantile Marine Reserve
View Horace Lambirth Able Seaman J/30941(CH) Royal Navy
View J L King Able Seaman J/49364(PO) Royal Navy
View Herbert Kerrison Bambridge Able Seaman J/3947 Royal Navy
View James Augustine Banks Able Seaman J/14547 Royal Navy
View Charles Edgar Burton Able Seaman Mercantile Marine
View William Job Clark Able Seaman 208608 Royal Navy
View Arthur Owen Cook Able Seaman 224069 Royal Navy
View Richard Arthur Cox Able Seaman SS/2497 Royal Navy
View Gustav Martin Gotfried Engelhart Able Seaman 211079 Royal Navy
View John Douglas Ewings Able Seaman London 7/2723 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
View William Edward Eyers Able Seaman J/5375 Royal Navy
View Thomas George Harris Able Seaman J/15715 Royal Navy
View Arthur George Harvey Able Seaman 218000 Royal Navy
View Robert Hoare Able Seaman 225122 Royal Navy
View Bertie Edward Jones Able Seaman J/17494 Royal Navy
View Archibald David Kerr Able Seaman SS/2542 Royal Navy
View Horace William Lamy Able Seaman 199311 Royal Navy
View Walter Strafford Maisey Able Seaman 203623 Royal Navy
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