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View Charles Abbey Private 18674 Essex Regiment
View Reginald Francis Abbott Corporal 10945 Royal Fusiliers
View John George Abbott Rifleman 471060 London Regiment
View Stanley John Abbott Private 2726 Essex Regiment
View George Edward Abell Rifleman R19451 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Walter Ernest Abery Private 2359 Household Cavalry (Royal Bucks Hussars)
View Harold Ernest Abraham Rifleman 2289 London Regiment
View William Charles Albert Abraham Corporal 251600 London Regiment
View Leonard Frederick Ackland Private 300448 Essex Regiment
View Ernest George Adams Private 1951 Royal Warwickshire Regiment
View Herbert Victor Adams Rifleman 9309 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Horace Adams Private 16610 Essex Regiment
View Thomas Adams Acting Lance Sergeant 2444 Essex Regiment
View Henry John Adams Rifleman C/6642 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View Henry William Adkins Gunner 211306 Royal Field Artillery
View Alfred Agass Rifleman 465025 London Regiment
View Ernest Gilbert Akehurst Private 27368 Household Cavalry (Scottish Horse Yeomanry)
View Stanley Charles Akers Lance Corporal 11823 Wiltshire Regiment
View Gilbert Stephen Alabaster Private 40436 Northamptonshire Regiment
View George Edward Alderman Bombardier RMA/10119 Royal Marine Artillery
View Ephraim Aldous Private 22696 King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
View Frank Aldred Private 6329 London Regiment
View John Henry Allchin Private G12586 Royal West Kent Regiment
View Christopher Allen Corporal 40124 Essex Regiment
View George Edward Allen Corporal 371569 London Regiment
View Henry John Allen Corporal 551437 London Regiment
View John James Allen Rifleman S26492 Rifle Brigade
View Richard James Allen Private 2518 Essex Regiment
View Frank Herbert Allen Corporal 53848 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
View Walter Allman Rifleman S16528 Rifle Brigade
View Edward Samuel Allsop Lance Corporal 3370 Honourable Artillery Company
View F W Allsop Signalman London Z/5997 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
View John Frances Alsford Stoker 1st Class K/19324 H.M. Submarine G.12.
View Charles Ames Private G68738 Royal West Surrey Regiment
View George Ames Private 300065 Essex Regiment
View Ernest John Amey Private 127262 Royal Army Service Corps
View George Anderson Lance Corporal 18696 Essex Regiment
View James Anderson Private 281367 London Regiment
View John Richard Anderson Sergeant 10463 Essex Regiment
View Thomas Lacey Anderson Driver 67990 Royal Field Artillery
View Thomas White Anderson Private 302346 Durham Light Infantry
View A M Anderson Private 87343 Royal Fusiliers
View Horace Reginald Andrews Gunner 1721 Royal Field Artillery
View Archibald Keith Andrews Private 3104 Essex Regiment
View Charles James Andrews Private 6737 London Regiment (London Scottish)
View Francis William George Andrews Private 17814 Devonshire Regiment
View Frederick Ernest Angliss Private 300538 Essex Regiment
View William Thomas Appleton Private 35815 Royal Warwickshire Regiment
View Arthur Sinclair Archer Private 32928 Bedfordshire regiment
View Christopher Walter Archer Rifleman S28425 Rifle Brigade
View Ernest Archer Private 2951 Essex Regiment
View John William Archer Lance Corporal 8360 Essex Regiment
View Herbert Arden Private 40123 Essex Regiment
View Edward Harry Argent Private 38967 Household Cavalry (Royal Wiltshire Hussars)
View Andrew William Arnold Rifleman A127 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Edmund William Arnold Private 354113 London Regiment
View Richard Gordon Arrowsmith Air Mechanic 1st Class F/45199 Royal Naval Air Service (H.M.S. Daedalus)
View Henry Ashley Lance Corporal 30622 Northamptonshire Regiment
View Albert Ashton Private 2095 Essex Regiment
View Le Roy Sidney Askey Private 511834 London Regiment
View George Henry Atkinson Rifleman 5197 Rifle Brigade
View John Ernest Atkinson Private 3/5786 Duke Of Cornwalls Light Infantry
View George Daniel Attree Private 1844 Essex Regiment
View Frederick Harold Attwell Private G79812 Queens Royal West Surrey regiment
View Leonard Alfred Attwell Lance Corporal G27933 Middlesex Regiment
View Henry George Austin Private 780629 London Regiment
View Martin Thomas Austin Private 18859 Essex Regiment
View Walter Austin Private 7602 London Regiment
View Frank Thomas Austin Corporal 2890 London Regiment
View Henry Ellis Awty Private G59491 Middlesex Regiment
View Walter Thomas Ayres Private 18282 Household Cavalry (3rd Reserve Regiment)
View William Henry Ayress Lance Corporal L10853 Royal Fusiliers
View Albert Backhouse Private 7926 East Yorkshire Regiment
View Frederick John Backhouse Private 14398 King's Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry)
View Harry Wilfred Bacon Corporal 86343 Royal Garrison Artillery
View Sydney James Bacon Private G24319 Royal Wesy Surrey Regiment
View Reginald Adolphus Bahn Private 48685 Middlesex Regiment
View William Frost Baildham Signalman London Z/5930 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
View Albert Bailey Private 29508 Essex Regiment
View Henry Bailey Private 9511 Border Regiment
View Harold Frederick Bailey Rifleman S/30870 Rifle Brigade
View Alexander Charles Henry Baird Private 3321 Essex Regiment
View Alfred Baker Private 36244 South Wales Borderers
View Arthur Baker Private 3/6957 Devonshire Regiment
View James Alfred Baker Private G34265 Middlesex Regiment
View Harold Frederick Baker Private 68459 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
View John Baker Corporal 3997 Household Cavalry (19th Hussars)
View William Henry Baker Ordinary Seaman SS/4754 Royal Navy
View William John Baker Lance Corporal 727673 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) "D" Company 58th Battalion
View Walter Herbert Baker Private 43312 Royal Irish Fusiliers 9th Battalion
View Alfred Baldry Rifleman 4791 London Regiment
View Cecil Robert John Bale Rifleman (Lance Corporal) R25214 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Walter George Leonard Bale Acting Lance Corporal 34442 Essex Regiment
View Alfred George Ball Private 2621 Royal Fusiliers
View Thomas Ball Private 8378 Essex Regiment
View Charles Frederick Ball Gunner 78162 Royal Horse Artillery
View Alfred Bambridge Rifleman S16357 Rifle Brigade
View Walter Leonard Bambridge Lance Sergeant 11228 Lincolnshire Regiment
View Herbert Kerrison Bambridge Able Seaman J/3947 Royal Navy
View William Charles Bament Private 16632 Essex Regiment
View Sydney Banford Gunner 931464 Royal Horse Artillery (Territorial)
View Ernest Frederick Banks Private 722484 London Regiment
View James Banks Rifleman 45756 Rifle Brigade
View Olive Clifford Banks Private 225669 London Regiment
View Walter Charles Banks Private 7240 Royal Fusiliers
View James Augustine Banks Able Seaman J/14547 Royal Navy
View Benjamin Sidney W Banks Air Mechanic 3rd Class 249329 Royal Air Force (66th Wing)
View Albert Edward Barber Lance Corporal 9189 Essex Regiment
View Frederick Barber Lance Corporal 611898 London Regiment
View Percy Nelson Barber Rifleman R/20659 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View Charles Bard Private 28592 Welsh Regiment
View Frank Edward Barker Lieutenant Royal Air Force
View Albert Charles Barker Rifleman 576549 London Regiment (Poplar & Stepney Rifles)
View Albert William Barksfield Gunner 935605 Royal Field Artillery
View Charles Ernest Barlow Sapper 964 Royal Engineers
View Harold Richard Barltrop Private G87089 Middlesex Regiment
View Horace Sydney Barltrop Private 300572 Essex Regiment
View Alfred Barnard Private 202513 South Staffordshire Regiment
View Thomas Henry Barnard Fourth Engineer Officer Mercantile Marine "Beacon Light" (Liverpool)
View Cecil Barnard Private 18428 Essex Regiment
View Arthur Frederick Barnes Private 6462 Coldstream Guards
View Frederick Johnson Barnes Lance Corporal 300752 Essex Regiment
View John James Barnes Private 3471 Essex Regiment
View Walter Barnes Lance Corporal Z376 Rifle Brigade
View John Garner Barnes Private 71816 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
View Charles John Barnes Private 5102 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
View Francis Arthur Edward Barnes Lance Corporal 11123 Lincolnshire Yeomanry
View Alfred Barnett Private S2SR02838 Royal Army Service Corps
View Thomas Henry Barnett Rifleman S8205 Rifle Brigade
View Edward George Barrett Sergeant (Signaller) 1610 London Regiment (19th St. Pancras)
View Albert Barry Private 352123 London Regiment
View Thomas Henry Barsby Private G80097 Royal Fusiliers
View Henry Charles Bartlett Private 300287 Essex Regiment
View Henry Arthur Bartlett Stoker 2nd Class K/21843 Royal Navy
View Sydney Phillip Barton Rifleman 574859 London Regiment
View Richard Peter Barton Gunner RMA/12982 Royal Marine Artillery
View Sydney John Bartram Company Quarter Master Sergeant 265424 Welsh Regiment
View John Leonard Basham Lance Corporal G34206 Middlesex Regiment
View Arthur James Bassett Private 14055 Royal Berkshire Regiment
View George Robert Bassi Private 21434 Essex Regiment
View James Alexander Batchelor Rifleman 5795 London Regiment
View William Alfred Bater Private 8138 Welsh Regiment
View Albert Bates Private G5332 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
View Reginald George Bates Private 477201 Royal Army Medical Corps
View Edward Bates Rifleman R/31561 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View Frank Edwin Batter Rifleman 4232 London Regiment
View John David Batterbury Acting Corporal 34451 Essex Regiment
View Henry/Harry Battershall Private 34546 East Surrey Regiment
View Edgar Harry Battle Sergeant 9551 South Lancashire Regiment
View Arthur Bausor Rifleman 574854 London Regiment (Poplar & Stepney Rifles)
View John Stanley Bawden Private 39338 Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)
View Ernest William Bayes Gunner 86503 Canadian Field Artillery (5th Brigade)
View Percy James Bayman Sapper 33117 Royal Engineers
View Vincent Percy Bayne Sergeant 300488 London Regiment
View John Henry Beagle Private 2685 London Regiment
View Herbert Charles Beams Driver 199927 Royal Field Artillery
View William Robert Beattie Private 17531 Essex Regiment
View Alfred John Beauchamp Private 265920 Royal Scots Fusiliers
View William Ambrose Beavis Private S9493 Royal Fusiliers
View George Charles Beck Private 11740 King's (Liverpool Regiment)
View Robert Beech Private 6684 Duke Of Cornwalls Light Infantry
View Frank Henry Beecher Sergeant 423366 London Regiment
View William John Beecher Gunner 62156 Royal Horse Artillery
View Frederick Henry Beechey Private 300239 Essex Regiment
View Frank William George Beesley Private 4743 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)
View Charles Beeton Corporal 2950 Essex Regiment
View Walter Beevor Private 252936 London Regiment
View Harry Bell Rifleman 593324 London Regiment
View Walter Ernest Bell Rifleman R/4293 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View John Bellett Lance Corporal 69840 Royal Engineers
View Arthur Herbert Bellman Corporal 1596 London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)
View George Belverstone Private 6339 London Regiment
View Richard James Bence Corporal 321556 London Regiment
View Horace Beney Private S4928 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
View Alfred Benford Private G20422 Royal Fusiliers
View Ernest Bennett Private 4619 Connaught Rangers
View Henry George Bennett Rifleman 10010 London Regiment
View Henry Howard Bennett Lance Corporal 10005 London Regiment
View Alfred John Bennett Second Lieutenant Essex Regiment 2nd Battalion
View Harry Benstead Private 423376 London Regiment (10th Hackney)
View Albert Joseph Benton Private 29386 Somerset Light Infantry
View John Berney Private 17700 Essex Regiment
View Horace Frank Bernthal Stoker 1st Class SS/112713 Royal Navy
View Alfred Benjamin Berry Private G34207 Middlesex Regiment
View Charles Robert Berry Rifleman S/27387 or R/27387 Rifle Brigade
View Frederick David Berry Rifleman S/24982 or S/14982 Rifle Brigade
View George Berry Sapper 58218 Royal Engineers
View George Blackmore Berry Private 2436 Essex Regiment
View Thomas Walter Henry Berry Private G/34794 Middlesex Regiment
View Frederick George Berry Rifleman R/22449 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View George Bettinson Private 300859 Essex Regiment
View James Francis Bettis Stoker 1st Class K/21008 Royal Navy
View Alfred James Betts Private 39322 Royal Army Medical Corps
View Arthur Ernest Bickley Armourer's Crew M/12173(CH) Royal Navy
View John Bidder Corporal 420950 London Regiment
View William John Bilbe Leading Stoker K/6939(CH) Royal Navy
View William Richard James Billett Sergeant 10185 Duke Of Cornwalls Light Infantry
View William Thomas Billett Private 12898 Essex Regiment
View Thomas Billingsley Private 24969 South Wales Borderers
View Henry George Bindley Private 3/8079 Norfolk Regiment
View Albert Ernest Bird Sapper 108252 Royal Engineers
View Arthur John Bird Private 17322 Bedfordshire regiment
View Frederick Bird Private 23116 Bedfordshire regiment
View Frederick George Bird Lance Corporal 12149 Bedfordshire regiment
View Percy Henry Bird Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/10934 Royal Navy
View Henry Arthur Bish Private 2477 London Regiment
View William John Alfred Black Lance Corporal 43519 Essex Regiment
View John Edward Blackburn Rifleman 394276 London Regiment
View Arthur William Blackham Signal Boy J/38161 Royal Navy
View John Blackmore Rifleman 45282 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View George Thomas Blackwell Rifleman 5790 or 372877 London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)
View Sidney Harry Blackwell Private 3458 Essex Regiment
View George Albert Blades Private F/328 Middlesex Regiment
View Albert Henry Blake Rifleman 453147 London Regiment
View John Henry Blake Lance Corporal 9218 Essex Regiment
View Frank Arthur Blanks Rifleman 321919 London Regiment
View Alfred Arthur Blee Private 300875 Essex Regiment
View George Blee Private 300877 Essex Regiment
View Edgar Lulham Block Lance Corporal 15971 Essex Regiment
View George Blum Private 5201 London Regiment
View William Blumson Private 11481 Wiltshire Regiment
View Harry Blundell Private 3450 Essex Regiment
View George Blyth Private 301070 Essex Regiment
View William George Blyth Private 6566 Essex Regiment
View Clarence Bollon Lance Corporal 39757 Essex Regiment
View Percy Bolt Private 200993 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
View Albert Edward Bolton Private 203456 Royal West Kent Regiment
View Frederick Bolton Rifleman R20992 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View William Benjamin Bolton Rifleman (Lance Corporal) R26787 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View James Bolton Rifleman A/205201 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View William Charles Boltwood Private TF3442 Middlesex Regiment
View Henry Bond Private 5734 Household Cavalry (Queens Royal Lancers)
View John Bond Rifleman C3869 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Joseph Thomas Bond Private 2945 Essex Regiment
View Alfred Joseph Bond Private G/1546 Middlesex Regiment
View George William Bond Gunner 119934 Royal Garrison Artillery
View Charles Robert Bone Stoker 1st Class K/17959 Royal Navy
View George James Bone Private 260027 Gloucestershire Regiment
View Albert Arthur Bonnick Private 43201 Essex Regiment
View Alfred George Bonsor Corporal 37755 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
View Alfred Henry Boorman Acting Bombadier 83742 Royal Horse Artillery
View Edwin Adolphus Borlase Private 32945 Bedfordshire Regiment
View Richard W Borlase Company Quartermaster Sergeant G/14452 Middlesex Regiment
View Henry Edward Boulton Private L/15416 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
View Horace Verney Bowden Private 2250 London Regiment
View John Bowden Private G10607 Middlesex Regiment
View Alfred Bowman Private 29047 Royal Warwickshire Regiment
View Frederick Bowtle Private 4274 London Regiment (1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers)
View Arthur Henry Bracken Gunner 884568 Royal Horse Artillery
View Frederick Ernest Bradley Private G/14300 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
View Henry Edwin Gibson Bradley Lance Corporal 574119 London Regiment (Poplar & Stepney Rifles)
View George Alfred Bradshaw Private 26731 Durham Light Infantry
View John Brady Driver 23502 Royal Horse Artillery
View Montague John Eugene Brady Rifleman 301239 London Regiment
View William Albert Brady Lance Corporal 551086 London Regiment (16th County Of London)
View Matthew Woodhouse Braithwaite Major Essex Regiment
View George William Bramble Corporal 5551 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
View John Frederick Branch Corporal 46150 Northumberland Fusiliers
View Henry George Brand Private 48695 Hertfordshire Regiment
View Stanley John Bransgrove Corporal 89907 Royal Engineers
View Alfred Brantigan Private 33332 York & Lancaster Regiment
View George Thomas Brawn Private G/19155 Royal West Kent Regiment
View Arthur William Charles Breadman Drummer L13419 Royal Fusiliers
View Albert William Breadmore Private 9103 Worcestershire Regiment
View Arthur Bremer Private 352695 London Regiment
View James George Brenchley Sergeant 9293 Royal Scots Fusiliers
View William Henry Brenchley Rifleman S16462 Rifle Brigade
View Frederick Thomas Brenchley Private 329325 Cambridgeshire Regiment
View Edward James Brennan Private 13288 Royal Berkshire Regiment (7th Battalion)
View John Brett Private 14322 Worcestershire Regiment
View John James Brett Private 17614 Essex Regiment
View Walter Thomas Brett Private 18253 Essex Regiment
View Arthur Walter John Brewer Rifleman C3410 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View George Henry Gilbert Brewer Corporal RMA/11430 Royal Marine Artillery
View George Bridle Private 3977 London Regiment
View Herbert Victor Briggs Rifleman 50322 Rifle Brigade
View James Richard Briggs Private 9459 Royal Berkshire Regiment
View George Briggs Private 26654 Royal Welsh Fusiliers
View William John Bright Private 79061 Royal Fusiliers
View Charles Henry Bright Telegraphist J/24640 Royal Navy
View William Brightwell Ordinary Seaman J/49385 Royal Navy
View James Henry Brinicombe Private 203111 London Regiment
View Alfred Thomas Brinkhurst Sapper 552716 Royal Engineers
View Frank Edward Bristow Private 7975 Household Cavalry (18th Hussars)
View Bertie Horace Britton Private 9013 Honourable Artillery Company
View James Henry Broadbridge Rifleman 370296 London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)
View George Cecil Brock Private 3313 Essex Regiment
View John Paddon Brock Private G40051 Middlesex Regiment
View James Arthur Brooke Rifleman R11841 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View William Joseph Brooke Lance Corporal 12899 Essex Regiment
View Archibald Brookes Rifleman 1738 London Regiment (1st Surrey Rifles)
View Albert Henry Brooks Private 47209 Lancashire Fusiliers
View Edwin Arthur Langley Brooks Private G52912 Middlesex Regiment
View Clifford Charles Brooks Rifleman R/25162 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View Cecil Herbert Brooks Gunner L/29770 Royal Horse Artillery
View Alfred Edward Brookson Sapper 1539 Royal Engineers
View Charles Brown Bombadier 293351 Royal Garrison Artillery
View Edward George Brown Private 720032 London Regiment
View Ernest Robert Brown Private 92435 Royal Fusiliers
View Frederick Brown Private G19512 Middlesex Regiment
View George Arthur Brown Private 511367 London Regiment
View Harry Brown Private 281698 London Regiment
View Herbert Frank Brown Private 515796 London Regiment
View Joseph Brown Private 325033 West Riding Regiment
View Sidney Frederick Brown Rifleman 593688 London Regiment
View Thomas Brown Private 7134 Wiltshire Regiment
View Walter Thomas Brown Corporal 570886 London Regiment
View William Brown Private 58823 Labour Corps
View Herbert Joseph Brown Private 42515 South Wales Borderers
View Horace Page Brown Gunner 39850 Royal Horse Artillery
View George Henry Jennings Brown Private G/898 Middlesex Regiment
View Walter George Brown Guardsman 28919 Grenadier Guards
View James Brownett Gunner L6134 Royal Field Artillery
View Robert George Frederick Bruce Corporal Deal/8945(S) Royal Marine Labour Corps
View Edward Benjamin Durnford Brunton Second Lieutenant Middlesex Regiment 17th Battalion
View William James Bubbers Private 27365 Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment 3/4th Battalion)
View Sidney John Buchan Gunner L40768 Royal Field Artillery
View Michael Buchanan Private G/52835 Middlesex Regiment
View Alfred Buck Private 556 Royal Fusiliers
View Oliver Belfort Buck Corporal S4/084631 Royal Army Service Corps
View Robert Edward Bugg Private G40612 Middlesex Regiment
View Stanley Bulford Private 9832 Devonshire Regiment
View Arthur George Bull Private 270826 Hertfordshire Regiment
View Samuel George Bull Private 495442 London Regiment
View Edward William Victor Bull Private 204169 Norfolk Regiment
View Arthur Bullard Sapper 65669 Royal Engineers
View Albert Edward Bullen Rifleman 321459 London Regiment
View Alfred George Bullen Rifleman R31490 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Arthur Bullock Private 315973 Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
View George Henry Bundock Private 2216 Essex Regiment
View Joseph Bunn Rifleman 323494 London Regiment
View Stanley Burch Acting Corporal 300307 Essex Regiment
View Valentine Robertson Burch Private 10664 Essex Regiment
View Frederick George Burchell Private 1614 Royal Army Medical Corps
View James Burder Private 1st Class 233618 Royal Air Force
View Frank Oscar Burdett Private 18171 Coldstream Guards
View George Harry Burgess Private 18877 Essex Regiment
View Samuel Burgess Private 251986 London Regiment
View H J Burgess Officer's Steward 2nd Class L/1158(PO) Royal Navy
View Albert Edwin Burgess Corporal 860940 London Regiment (33rd City Of London)
View Charles David Burke Private G9222 Middlesex Regiment
View Victor Collyer Burkwood Private G34271 Middlesex Regiment
View Alfred John Burman Gunner 221101 Royal Field Artillery "A" Battery. 47th Brigade
View Charles Burman Private G8852 Royal West Kent Regiment (8th Battalion)
View William Archibald Burnand Private 353576 London Regiment
View Harry Walter Burns Private 1441 London Regiment (3rd City Of London Royal Fusiliers)
View Albert Horace Burns Private 10720 Bedfordshire Regiment
View Richard Burr Private 279256 London Regiment (4th Royal Fusiliers)
View John Henry Burr Guardsman 10698 Scots Guards 1st Battalion
View Horace William Burrell Private 19312 South Wales Borderers
View William Henry Burrows Rifleman S27079 Rifle Brigade
View Henry Thomas Burt Lance Sergeant 235150 Royal Warwickshire Regiment
View Anthony Burton Rifleman B406 Rifle Brigade
View Charles Edgar Burton Able Seaman Mercantile Marine
View Thomas William Bush Gunner 78272 Royal Horse Artillery
View Arthur George Butcher Lance Corporal Z2741 Rifle Brigade
View Frank Butcher Lance Corporal 8440 Essex Regiment
View James Charles Butcher Private 43711 Essex Regiment
View Thomas Butcher Private 36905 King's Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry)
View Wilfred Bute Lance Corporal 1783 London Regiment
View Thomas Sutton Butler Private 11959 Wiltshire Regiment
View Stanley Butt Private G76496 Royal Fusiliers
View Ernest Ethelbert Butterworth Rifleman 10070 London Regiment (5th City Of London)
View Arthur Joseph Buxton Private S10786 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
View James Cable Lance Corporal 283358 London Regiment
View Augustus Ferdinand Cadel Acting Bombadier L36045 Royal Field Artillery
View Ernest Callcut Rifleman R/34529 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View Albert Callcut Rifleman 54145 Royal Irish Rifles
View Reuben Thomas Camfield Gunner 36943 Royal Garrison Artillery
View Charles Camp Sergeant L5690 Royal Fusiliers
View George Camp Private 203505 Royal West Kent Regiment
View Horace Camp Gunner 71044 Royal Horse Artillery
View Edward William Camp Private 125022 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
View Duncan Campbell Private 724 Gordon Highlanders
View Lionel Hubert Candy Private 5088 London Regiment
View Leopold Canelle Private 155416 Machine Gun Corps
View Leonard Stanley Capon Rifleman 3500 London Regiment
View Reginald Oscar Card Rifleman 2433 London Regiment
View Albert Carey Private 40166 Essex Regiment
View Edward Carey Ordinary Seaman J/17011 Royal Navy
View Herbert Norman Carman Sergeant 53528 Durham Light Infantry
View Eric Edwin Carpenter Lieutenant Royal Air Force
View Herman Allen Bailey Carr Rifleman S27855 Rifle Brigade
View Sidney Albert Carr Bombadier L27356 Royal Field Artillery
View John Henry Carro Driver T2/13794 Royal Army Service Corps
View Alexander Carter Private 9885 Devonshire Regiment
View Alfred William Carter Rifleman S27081 Rifle Brigade
View Alfred William Carter Driver L35508 Royal Field Artillery
View W Carter 2nd Corporal 554029 Royal Engineers
View Francis Charles Carty Lance Corporal 10391 Essex Regiment
View Edward Leonard Carty Gunner L/29583 Royal Horse Artillery
View James Lee Castle Private 61652 King's (Liverpool Regiment)
View Edward Percy Castle Corporal 2802 Household Cavalry 1st Lifeguards
View William Charles Catchpole Private 325042 King's (Liverpool Regiment)
View Reginald Catt Private 300221 Essex Regiment
View William Cattell Private 9021 Lincolnshire Regiment
View William George Caucutt Private 22366 Royal Welsh Fusiliers
View Cecil Percy Caunt Private 10817 Royal Fusiliers
View Arthur Cave Rifleman 323622 London Regiment
View William Cecil Cawdery Private 681914 London Regiment
View Claude Arthur Cetti Private 40799 Lancashire Fusiliers
View George Victor Cetti Private 235317 Worcestershire Regiment
View John Francis Chadwick Rifleman S28263 Rifle Brigade
View William John Chalk Private 29537 Essex Regiment
View Henry John Clarence Chalkley Rifleman 301732 London Regiment
View Thomas Henry Challis Leading Stoker 297968 Royal Navy
View John Chalton Acting Bombadier 66674 Royal Horse Artillery
View John Robert William Chamberlin Captain London Regiment (20th County Of London)
View John Henry Arthur Chambers Private 300978 Essex Regiment
View Walter Lewis Chambers Private 62745 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
View Henry Chance Rifleman 320345 or 320315 London Regiment (6th City Of London)
View Robert Henry Chanin Private 1900 Essex Regiment
View William Chaplin Gunner 86865 or 86866 Royal Horse Artillery
View Alfred George William Chapman Lance Corporal 17821 Hampshire Regiment
View Charles Henry Chapman Private L11274 Royal Fusiliers
View Henry Chapman Private L11350 Royal Wesy Surrey Regiment
View Richard Chapman Sergeant L9473 Royal Fusiliers
View William Henry Chapman Lance Corporal 13896 Essex Regiment
View William James Chapman Private 2011 London Regiment
View Arthur Edward Chapman Guardsman 11936 Coldstream Guards
View Oscar Henry Chappell Private 10430 Dragoon Guards (Prince Of Wales' Own)
View William James Charles Private 1791 Essex Regiment
View Victor Charles Cheek Rifleman S/32553 Rifle Brigade
View Charles John Cheeseman Private DM2/134665 Royal Army Service Corps
View Albert Edward Cheshire Private 300891 Essex Regiment
View Frederick George Chesterman Sergeant 38123 Essex Regiment
View Albert Chiddy Private 7629 London Regiment
View Stanley Victor Chilcott Sergeant 35531 Essex Regiment
View Reginald Henry Child Rifleman S/24271 Rifle Brigade
View Thomas William Chilton Rifleman B2695 Rifle Brigade
View George Hamilton Chipchase Lance Corporal 7704 Essex Regiment
View James Chitty Sapper 67160 Royal Engineers
View Louis David Martin Chitty Private 50232 Bedfordshire Regiment
View Albert Edward Christie Private 300891 Essex Regiment
View Thomas Christie Private 232600 London Regiment (London Scottish)
View Samuel Christmas Rifleman 574863 London Regiment
View Walter Frank Christy Lance Corporal 300899 Essex Regiment
View William Church Lance Corporal 300479 Essex Regiment
View Frank Cinclli Private 8291 Essex Regiment
View Ernest Clapp Private 6737 Honourable Artillery Company
View Luther Herbert Neville Claridge Rifleman R41829 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Alfred Clark Private G68090 Royal West Surrey Regiment
View Bert William Clark Private 23581 Essex Regiment
View Charles Christopher Clark Rifleman S23782 Rifle Brigade
View Herbert Clark Private 3028 Essex Regiment
View Walter Alfred Clark Lance Corporal 203530 London Regiment
View William Clark Rifleman S31447 Rifle Brigade
View Owen Walter Clark Regimental Sergeant Major 5289 Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)
View William Clark Trooper 2871 Household Cavalry 2nd Lifeguards
View William Job Clark Able Seaman 208608 Royal Navy
View Charles Joseph Clark Private 6620 Royal Berkshire Regiment 2/4th Battalion
View Arthur Walter Clarke Sergeant 11265 Worcestershire Regiment
View Ernest Benjamin Clarke Rifleman A203041 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Frederick Henry Clarke Private 157307 Machine Gun Corps
View George Henry Clarke Private 2906 London Regiment
View Charles Clarke Private 832 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
View George Leonard Charles Clarke Rifleman R/7523 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View George Claydon Sergeant (Acting C.S.M) 1690 Royal Irish Regiment
View William Clayton Sergeant 300116 Essex Regiment
View George Augustus Clayton Lance Corporal S/26051 Rifle Brigade
View Alfred George Clements Private 7371 or 7271 East Yorkshire Regiment
View F W Clements Petty Officer 152862 Royal Navy
View Frederick Clifton Private 241609 Royal West Kent Regiment
View James Clover Lance Corporal 70406 Royal Fusiliers
View Sydney Clover Private 11106 Royal Fusiliers
View William Clover Private 23835 Essex Regiment
View C F Coakham Private 243122 Suffolk Regiment
View Henry Alexander Cobb Rifleman R/31617 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View Benjamin George Cobey Driver 75226 Royal Horse Artillery
View Thomas Cochrane Private G63124 Royal Fusiliers
View William Henry Cockerell Private 28404 or 28494 East Surrey Regiment
View Herbert George Cockerton Private 13665 Essex Regiment
View John Evlyn or Everlent Cockerton Gunner 296080 Royal Garrison Artillery
View Sydney Bernard Cocking Corporal C6876 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Henry Sidney Cockroft Lance Corporal P/14540 Corps Of Military Police
View Ernest Frederick Cocks Private 300735 Essex Regiment
View William John Cocks Rifleman R7138 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
View Albert Edward Cockshott Rifleman R/27241 King's Royal Rifle Corps
View Gordon William Cole Lance Corporal 3057 London Regiment
View Joseph John Cole Private S105 Queens Royal West Surrey regiment
View Harry Edward Cole Gunner 119413 Royal Garrison Artillery
View Thomas Edward Cole Sergeant 612037 London Regiment (19th St. Pancras)
View John James Coleman Gunner 178777 Royal Field Artillery
View John Richard Coleman Company Quarter Master Sergeant 8501 Border Regiment
View Joseph John Coleman Private 9805 Dorsetshire Regiment
View Jack Collett Air Mechanic 2nd Class F/20396 Royal Naval Air Service. HMS Airship C27.
View Daniel Chris Collin Corporal SS571 Royal Army Service Corps
View Percy Collingridge Private 300638 Essex Regiment
View Alfred Charles Collins Private 67588 or 57588 Essex Regiment
View Grace Zenobia Collins Member 2479 Women's Royal Air Force
View John Francis Collins Private 46054 Lancashire Fusiliers
View Albert Edward Collins Private 23576 Duke Of Cornwalls Light Infantry
View Edwin Colverd Private 18713 Duke Of Cornwalls Light Infantry
View John Connolly Private 9285 Essex Regiment
View George Edward Conway Rifleman 5651 Rifle Brigade
View Leslie John Henry Conway Private 34724 Yorkshire Regiment
View Ernest Conway Private EMT/44327 Royal Army Service Corps
View Arthur William Cook Acting Sergeant 8982 Rifle Brigade
View William Samuel Ernest Cook Acting Corporal T242520 Royal Wesy Surrey Regiment
View Richard Harold Cook Private 63727 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
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